Are you looking for a new job?

Promotion, redundancy, change of career, returning to work after a break – there are many reasons why people apply for a new job.Whatever the reason, it’s a safe bet that lots of other people will be applying for the same job, so it’s important to present yourself well through your CV or application and during the interview.You may feel out of practice with applying for jobs  – perhaps it’s a long time since you last tried it – or you might have been trying for weeks or months without success and wonder what’s going wrong. Either way, help is at hand to get you back on track.

  • CV development

    I can draft a CV from scratch or review and improve one which you’ve written yourself. I’ll tailor it to the sort of jobs you want to get and select the most appropriate examples from your past experience to present you as a strong candidate. I’ll proof-read it and ensure there are no typos.

  • Application forms & supporting statements

    Some jobs require you to complete an application form rather than submitting a CV, or send a supporting statement with your CV. I can draft these for you, selecting the best examples from your skills and experience to show that you meet the key criteria. This can be particularly helpful for job seekers who have dyslexia or for whom English is a foreign language. Supporting statements are important as they are often used to short-list candidates for interview. In addition to explaining clearly how you fit the role, I’ll ensure the text flows nicely, makes sense and doesn’t contain any grammatical errors.

  • Interview coaching

    I’ll identify the questions you are likely to be asked for the specific job you’re after and help you prepare strong answers. I’ll carry out a practice interview with you and give you honest feedback about how you come across and advice on what to change to improve your performance. I’ll help you deal with any issues such as nerves or talking too fast. You should only need one session with me to make a real difference.

Comments from Judith’s clients:

I found Judith online and booked her to do interview coaching with my son who was about to graduate from the University of Surrey. He had a brilliant academic record and was easily getting interviews with top firms but despite many attempts couldn’t secure a job offer. The main problem was issues with his communication. Judith made a huge difference to both his communication and his confidence and after a couple of sessions with her he attended two more interviews and was offered both jobs. I would highly recommend Judith for interview coaching – she is worth every penny.
Peter, Australia

I’d been with the same employer for 9 years.  When the time came to move on, I felt a bit out of practice with interviews.  I went to Judith for interview coaching because I knew she had helped other people.  I had two job interviews and I did a practice interview with Judith for each one.  She seemed to know what questions I would be asked, so when I did the actual interviews it was much easier as I knew what to say and felt confident.  I definitely performed well because I was offered both jobs!  The coaching made all the difference and I have already recommended Judith to two friends.
Andrea, Guildford

I am so glad that I used Judith’s services and I have recommended her to several of my friends. I was made redundant two years ago and since then I have struggled with getting jobs. I had no problem getting interviews but when it came to the interview I found that I became nervous and this affected my communication and performance which was frustrating for me. Judith took the time to come up with lots of possible questions and coached me through some cracking answers that meant that I could really get my message across about my experience, knowledge and abilities for the role. This increased my confidence and helped with my nerves. I have just been offered a job and I am ecstatic! I know that I couldn’t have done it without Judith’s support. So in terms of investment, if you are hesitating and thinking ‘am I worth it’? the answer is ‘yes, you are’ – go for it!
Amanda, Hampshire