From time to time you may find yourself in a situation where you want quick, objective and independent HR advice.

  • Perhaps you run a small business, without any in-house HR, and you’re wondering how to deal with a staffing issue. Often business owners ask me what they can legally do, as they’re not familiar with employment law.
  • It may be that you’re the CEO of a larger organisation and you’d like some confidential and independent advice. Maybe the situation you’re facing involves someone in your HR team, or you’re not confident that your HR team’s advice is right or unbiased.
  • Alternatively you could be an employee wanting to find out what your rights are in a certain situation.

Whatever your position, you may find it useful to be able to have a chat about the matter with a qualified and experienced HR professional.

I can advise you over the phone or respond to an email in writing and you will only be charged for the time it takes to deal with your query. This is a very cost effective solution for small businesses in particular who like to be able to get advice as and when they need it, without incurring ongoing costs.

Depending on the issue you might then decide you need additional support, such as help with drafting a letter, holding a disciplinary or grievance hearing or putting together a policy.