Additional HR resource when you need it

There are times when all companies need extra HR resource for a short period:

  • Grievance investigations which need completing quickly.
  • Disciplinary investigations whilst an employee is suspended on full pay.
  • An objective and independent person to deal with mediation issues.
  • An external and unbiased person to advise on restructures.
  • Urgent projects which must be completed by a deadline.
  • Tasks requiring specialist skills which are not held in-house.
  • Preparation for external assessments such as IiP.

You can book me just for the number of hours or days you need and I can do much of the work from home, so I won’t even need a desk in your office.

Comments from clients

Judith supported a management restructure – writing the consultation documents, new job descriptions and answering employment law queries. She completed all the work by phone and email which was both efficient (quick response) and kept costs down (no mileage claims). She came recommended and we were extremely pleased with the quality of the service she provided.  


I chose to use Judith as an external and independent person to do mediation between two employees. She met with them separately and helped them prepare, then facilitated a joint session. The process was very successful and the issue was resolved, with both members of staff giving positive feedback on her approach and on how they felt they had benefited from the experience.

Head of HR & Facilities Management

We brought Judith in to investigate allegations of bullying. We felt we needed someone external and independent to do that. She interviewed 13 members of staff and produced signed statements in a consistent format. She then wrote a detailed report which summarised the situation, evaluated whether the alleged behaviours constituted bullying, compiled the evidence under appropriate headings, assessed the credibility of the witnesses, put forward options for resolving the situation and made recommendations as the investigator. We particularly valued the fact that all this was done within a week which enabled us to take prompt action.

Head of HR

We asked Judith to conduct an investigation into allegations against an employee which could potentially lead to a disciplinary.  We wanted someone who was genuinely independent and objective.  She interviewed staff, prepared their witness statements and drafted a comprehensive report very quickly.  This meant we could move forward without delay.  She came back to present the case at the disciplinary hearing and the decision making manager said she set it out so clearly that it was easy to make a decision.  We were pleased with the speed and quality of her work and would recommend her.

Head of HR