Small retail business

I own a number of small retail outlets and initially contacted Judith for help with employment contracts and job descriptions after she was recommended to me.  I was pleased with her support and now use her regularly to help me manage all staffing issues.  I like the convenience of being able to ring someone for advice on particular situations.  I also appreciate her quick response – she can draft documents and emails quickly which enables me to manage my business efficiently.  It’s like having a HR Manager, but without the need for office space or the cost of a salary – I just pay for the actual hours worked when I ask for something to be done.

Managing Director

Very small employer

We only have a handful of employees so one case of sickness was a big issue for us, with significant implications for the employee and the organisation as a whole.  Judith advised on how we could approach it and wrote all the letters and handled the meetings for us so we were confident it was fair and legal.  We were able to find a good solution to the situation with only 2 days of paid HR time.                                   


Guildford charity

We asked Judith to help us with HR policies. She talked to us first about how our staffing practices worked so that she could tailor the documents to suit our small organisation. We were pleased with her approach and the resulting policies, which were easy to understand and set out clearly how we should deal with things.  We thought she was good value for money, which was important for us as a charity, and easy to work with.

 Chair of Trustees

Local town council

I cannot recommend Judith highly enough. She helped resolve a challenging staffing issue with professionalism, care and attention to all parties. Her knowledge and clarity brought a satisfactory resolution quickly. We will be using her services again when we need support or guidance with HR issues.

Chair of Personnel Committee

Entertainment company

Judith was recommended to us and has been very helpful in resolving a couple of tricky staffing situations. I have really appreciated her insight, practicality and guidance on it all and have learnt a lot from her through the process,.

Finance Director

Local authority

I was pleased with the very through grievance investigation which Judith completed quickly. She also produced a detailed and robust report which she presented confidently at the hearing. It was important to us to have someone independent and objective so that there would be no suggestion of bias and this enabled us to resolve the staffing matter. I would definitely use Judith again.

Assistant Director, Local authority

Small family business

Small organisations need HR service just like big corporations, but we don’t have the in-house resource. It can be a minefield – unless you have someone like Judith to guide you through. She combines sound professional knowledge and efficient working practice with an understanding of customer need. Her friendly attitude and pragmatic approach to the challenges faced by small businesses is invaluable. Her name will be in our address book forever.

Project and Administration Manager

Small but growing private company

We’re a successful start-up company which has now grown to the point where we need some HR support, but not so much that we can justify the expense of a full-time HR Manager.  I searched for a HR consultant both on the web and through recommendation and then whittled it down to a final three to interview. The management team chose Judith – she wasn’t the cheapest but we liked her approach. We initially contracted her for a one-off project, but were so pleased with her work that we now use her regularly for all our staffing issues.


Grievance investigation

I was pleased with the investigation that Judith carried out for me into serious allegations at a senior level. Her report was a really clear, thorough and efficiently delivered piece of work. Costings were clear from the outset and she delivered the work quickly, being flexible around availability of witnesses. I would be happy to use her again should the need arise.

Strategic Director

Housing organisation

We asked Judith to conduct an investigation into allegations against an employee which could potentially lead to a disciplinary.  We wanted someone who was genuinely independent and objective.  She interviewed 5 people, prepared their witness statements and drafted a comprehensive report very quickly.  This meant we could move forward without delay.  She came back to present the case at the disciplinary hearing and the decision making manager said she set it out so clearly that it was easy to make a decision.  We were pleased with the speed and quality of her work and would recommend her.

Head of HR

Armed forces organisation

We needed advice on some tricky staffing situations as we had no dedicated HR team and were very pleased with the prompt response, clarity of advice and reasonable cost. I am happy to recommend Judith’s services and will use her again should the need arise.

Head of Finance & HR

Public sector organisation

Judith supported a management restructure – writing the consultation documents, new job descriptions and answering employment law queries. She completed all the work by phone and email which was both efficient (quick response) and kept costs down (no mileage claims). She came recommended and we were extremely pleased with the quality of the service she provided.  


District council

I chose to use Judith as an external and independent person to do mediation between two employees. She met with them separately and helped them prepare, then facilitated a joint session. The process was very successful and the issue was resolved, with both members of staff giving positive feedback on her approach and on how they felt they had benefited from the experience.

Head of HR & Facilities Management

UK charity

We brought Judith in to conduct an investigation into allegations of bullying. We felt we needed someone external and independent to do that. She interviewed 13 members of staff and produced signed statements in a consistent format. She then wrote a comprehensive report which summarised the situation, evaluated whether the alleged behaviours constituted bullying, compiled the evidence under appropriate headings, assessed the credibility of the witnesses, put forward options for resolving the situation and made recommendations as the investigator. We particularly valued the fact that all this was done within a week which enabled us to take prompt action. 

Head of HR

National membership organisation

Judith was recommended to us and I commissioned her to review the results of a membership survey and draft a document to give advice on best practice on employment practices across a range of issues. She was very thorough and her written work was clear and accurate. She took the time to understand our members’ work and ensure that the advice she produced was appropriate. The comprehensive document was approved by our Professional Standards Committee and is now published to our members.

Deputy Chief Executive

National charity

Although I have a HR team, we are quite limited in our time and resource which is why I needed to bring in someone external for our mandatory training project. I chose Judith because I had worked with her before and knew that she was reliable, conscientious and had high standards. I wanted someone who would come across as credible and professional to our senior managers and I was confident that Judith would do that. She interviewed key staff, identified mandatory training needs, produced a spreadsheet applying the courses to each post, drafted a report for the management team and guidance notes for the staff.  It was all done quickly and conveniently and the Chief Executive was pleased with the results.

HR Director

Local authority

I was struggling to find the time to complete a workforce development plan, so I booked Judith to put one together for me. She reviewed best practice, read through documentation about our organisation, and produced a 29 page high quality bespoke plan covering all aspects and including graphics. It enabled me to meet my deadline and was a quick and cost effective solution.

Head of Personnel