What is succession planning?

Succession planning is thinking about the future of your business and what will happen if someone leaves.  Will you have someone else who can step into the role or will you lose lots of important knowledge and experience when that person goes.

It also helps with staff motivation as if employees know that they are developing ready to be able to take on a more senior role in the future they will feel committed to the organisation and keen to work hard and progress.

Planning ahead can save significant amounts of money on recruitment and training and protect your business from a drop in productivity when someone leaves.

How can I help?

I can review all your jobs and identify the skills and knowledge needed for each and where you already have overlaps which can help to provide cover.  I can draft career development options for roles to show which job-holders could develop towards which more senior positions and what additional training and development they would need along the way.  I would then discuss this with you to confirm the details.