Why bother with performance management?

You are paying for an employee to perform the whole of their job to a satisfactory standard.  If they are not doing this, then you are wasting money.  If you don’t take any action the situation will not get any better.  The employee may not realise that their performance needs to improve, or they may think you haven’t noticed and they can continue to get away with it.  Other employees may follow their poor example, or feel demotivated because you aren’t managing the situation and ensuring that everyone pulls their weight.

Examples of common performance issues

Poor quality of work:

  • Frequent mistakes
  • Doesn’t get through enough work
  • Fails to follow set procedures
  • Poor decisions

Interpersonal issues:

  • Doesn’t work well with colleagues
  • Upsets customers
  • Tactless or rude
  • Argumentative with manager
  • Loses temper at work

Conduct issues:

  • Poor time-keeping
  • Causes offence to others
  • Suspected theft
  • Damage to company property
  • Inappropriate comments on social media

What to do to resolve the issue

You can address poor performance fairly and effectively by following a simple procedure which involves drawing the employee’s attention to the problem, telling them how they are expected to improve, giving them a timeframe to improve in and checking whether they need any support to enable them to improve.  I  can give you advice on this and draft letters for you.

Hopefully this will resolve the matter, but if the problem continues you can then use disciplinary measures and ultimately dismiss the employee if they cannot (capability) or will not (conduct) improve their performance to an acceptable standard.  I can review your disciplinary or capability policy (or write them if you don’t have one) and advise on how to work through the process.  I can also attend any hearings to provide support and take notes.

There is no need for this to be an unpleasant process. The employee should always be treated with openness and respect and given the opportunity to improve.  If they are not suitable for the job, the dismissal should also be carried out in a fair and respectful manner, explaining why it is necessary.

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