Who could benefit from interview coaching?

Pretty much anyone. I have coached people at all levels from school leavers to senior directors and in all types of jobs and sectors including finance, law, education, engineering, customer service, retail, NHS, local authorities, HR and the arts. The following three groups often need support, but interview coaching can help anyone.

Graduates & school leavers

When you leave school, college or university it’s a big transition to the world of work.  Getting your first job can be difficult – the market is very competitive and you haven’t got much experience of job interviews.  Having coaching can boost your confidence and performance and help you stand out from the crowd.

Women returners

After a few years off raising a family, getting back into work can be difficult.  Many women worry about how they will compete effectively against candidates who haven’t taken a career break.  Interview coaching can help present you in the best possible light and give you confidence.

Your dream job

If you’re going for a big promotion or a particular job you really really want, it makes sense to give yourself the best chance possible of getting it by preparing as well as you can.  Practice interviews with realistic questions can help prepare you for anything and fill you with confidence.

How can I help?

  • I can prepare questions based on the job you’re after and give you a mock interview.
  • I can help you improve your answers to likely questions to make them stronger.
  • I can give you honest feedback about how you’re coming across and what you could change to give a better performance.
  • I can help you resolve any problems such as nerves.
  • I can build your confidence so you perform better.
  • I can advise on how to present your experience and answer questions if you are changing career, returning to work after a long break, were dismissed from your last job, etc.

Interview coaching sessions

I offer coaching by Skype so it doesn’t matter where you live – I have even done sessions for clients in other countries. I can also use different software, such as MS Teams, if you prefer.

A typical session will involve a mock interview, feedback on how you are coming across, a discussion about each question and how you could make your answer stronger plus work on dealing with any particular problems such as nerves, talking too fast, talking too much or going off track, etc. This usually takes 2 hours.

After the session I will develop model answers to the questions you are likely to be asked at interview, based on what you have told me about your skills and experience, and will email these to you so you can use them to continue to prepare.

I email an invoice after the session for direct payment into my bank account. The invoice will include the time I spend on the notes (usually an hour and a half) and the preparation time (usually half an hour) as well as the actual session.

Should you cancel a booked session at less than 24 hours notice, or fail to turn up, you will still be charged as I won’t be able to fit another client in at such short notice.

Comments from clients who had interview coaching

I found Judith online and booked her to do interview coaching with my son who was about to graduate from the University of Surrey. He had a brilliant academic record and was easily getting interviews with top firms but despite many attempts couldn’t secure a job offer. The main problem was issues with his communication. Judith made a huge difference to both his communication and his confidence and after a couple of sessions with her he attended two more interviews and was offered both jobs. I would highly recommend Judith for interview coaching – she is worth every penny.

Peter, Australia

Judith I can’t tell you how much our session helped me. Not only have I been offered two jobs in the space of a week (where before I seemed unable to secure any offers at all), but I also feel so much more confident now in my overall employability. I cannot speak highly enough of your kind guidance and your thorough approach.  Thank you so, so much!

Brigid, Winchester

I kept getting interviews, but no offers, and was starting to feel despondent. I was thinking since English is not my first language maybe this was the reason I wasn’t being hired – even though my English is excellent. I was offered another interview for a job I really wanted, so I looked online and found Judith. I had a coaching session with her only the day before my interview, but that was enough to make a big difference. She could immediately see where I was going wrong and helped me fix it. I felt confident and well prepared for the interview the next day and was offered the job that evening. I’m so pleased I booked a session!

Alicia, Reading

After too many fruitless interviews, it seemed that text book answers don’t really help. What I wanted was a brick wall to bang my head against very hard, but what I needed was someone who could show me where I was going wrong! So I searched the Internet for one-to-one coaching: I came across Judith’s website, offering the kind of help I needed and her prices looked reasonable. We did a session of interview coaching, she helped me with my CV, and afterwards she supplied me with strong answers to the sort of questions I’d been struggling with. Armed with this and some welcome encouragement, I got a job offer after my VERY NEXT interview. It’s close to home, the salary is good and I get to learn new skills.

Peter, Welwyn Garden City

The coaching session with Judith was really helpful. Getting honest feedback meant I knew why I had been missing out before and where I could improve. She helped me prepare strong answers ready for my next interview. She built my confidence and helped me to believe in myself again.  I got the job.

Andrea, London

I chatted with Judith on Skype to get a feel for how she worked first, then booked a session. She helped me prepare for the sort of questions that would come up and gave me honest feedback about how I performed in the mock interview and how I could improve. I went into the real interview feeling confident and got the job. The Director said that I interviewed brilliantly and the panel couldn’t fault me in any aspect!

Kate, Worcester

After a ten year career break, I approached Judith for help with a couple of interviews I had coming up. She helped me to identify my skills and experience and find my voice again, which gave me much more confidence going into the interviews. I am delighted to say that with her help I was offered one of the positions within ten days. Judith’s coaching was absolutely invaluable and I am looking forward to returning to work doing something I love!

Cathy, Woking

I’ve been offered a job! I had two interviews and they offered me the more senior of the roles. Your advice was very helpful thank you – especially during lockdown when Zoom worked well for interview coaching. You gave me a much better idea of how I needed to answer questions both in applications and interviews. It’s one thing to be told ‘do this, do that’, but I’m someone who learns more experientially – I need to see it in action and then copy, and your feedback and draft answers were ideal for that.

Anna, Farnham

Thanks a lot for the new job!  As an engineer I struggled with non-technical interview questions and I was terrified by them.  Judith helped me understand how they work and what is their purpose.  We devised strategies to handle them and we practiced together.  The results have been amazing, and it is also thanks to her that I have been able to manage an important career transition.

Morris, London

I got the job, so I was very pleased. Thank you so much for your help Judith with the interview questions – learning the format gave me lots of confidence, and most of the questions they asked me I had rehearsed well. It really felt like the best interview.

Sarah, Southampton

I took a career break and when I came back to applying for jobs found that I had lost my confidence. The coaching with Judith helped me manage my nerves and feel ready to tackle interviews. I’ve already had one job offer and some very positive feedback from another interview which suggests another offer could be on its way. The coaching made a big difference. I would recommend Judith, she is amazing and has been so helpful, understanding and professional throughout this process.

Krish, Surrey

After applying for a job that I knew I had the relevant experience and was a very good fit for, I was very disappointed when my interview had gone terribly. Fortunately the role appeared again months later and I knew I had to up my game for the interview stage. After searching online for information, I decided to get coaching and contacted Judith due to her extensive experience. I sent Judith the information and we quickly organised a Zoom session. During the session she identified my weak points and we talked in depth about how best to demonstrate my skills & experience when answering the questions and afterwards, provided a written report with various example questions and answers to refer to. As a result of all the information provided by Judith I felt so much more confident going into the interview and ultimately nailed it – even the interviewer said at the end, how much of an improvement I had made. A few days later, I was offered the role. Thank you Judith!

Curtis, Hampshire

Thanks again for your help Judith! I’m through to the second round of the process for this very senior role and one panel member said I did a brilliant interview. Having a mock interview with honest feedback really helped by showing me where I could improve my performance.

Matt, London

Judith I’m just messaging to say thank you for all the help with preparing for the assessment centre. I found out I got the position today. They said my interview was very strong which shows how much you helped me to improve.

Chris, Surrey

Judith – I just wanted to feed back that I was successful in obtaining the role – in fact, I started yesterday!  Thanks for your support, suggestions and instruction!  You were fab.

Nancie, Devon

I wanted to move into a different career.  Judith helped me identify transferable skills from my old type of work and put together an application for a new job.  I got an interview, so I went back to Judith for interview coaching.  She wrote interview questions based on the job description I showed her and helped me prepare good answers to them.  We then had several practice interviews, with her giving me feedback each time.  I felt really prepared and confident when I went for the real interview and was delighted when I got the job.

Monica, Godalming

I’d been with the same employer for 9 years.  When the time came to move on, I felt a bit out of practice with interviews.  I went to Judith for interview coaching because I knew she had helped other people.  I had two job interviews and I did a practice interview with Judith for each one.  She seemed to know what questions I would be asked, so when I did the actual interviews it was much easier as I knew what to say and felt confident.   I definitely performed well because I was offered both jobs!  The coaching made all the difference and I have already recommended Judith to two friends.

Andrea, Guildford

I was facing redundancy after 9 years with the same company. I used Judith to write my CV and application letter for a new job and secured an interview. I then had coaching with her to prepare for the interview, learnt how to give really strong answers to questions and went in feeling confident. I got the job, which was on a higher salary, so the money I spent on support from Judith was a good investment. I’ve recommended her to colleagues who are also affected by the redundancies.

Ben, Guildford

When finishing up my  degree and applying for jobs, I was getting responses, but never got past the interview stages.  Then my parents introduced me to Judith and after a few sessions with her, my next two applications both offered me a role! And after my first job  didn’t work out due to personal reasons, with another session with her, my next interview offered me a job on the spot! Perfect for any recent graduates and for building confidence in interviews. Thanks heaps, Judith!

Max, London

I’d just like to say a huge thank you Judith for your help with preparation for my recent interview. It was successful and I am due to start with them at the end of this month. I could not have done this without your assistance, which made me think about voice and answers and overall presentation. It was well worth investing in a preparation session with you.

Sarah, Guildford

Thank you so much Judith for your interview help last week. The material you gave me was very useful and I went into the interview feeling much more prepared and confident. I am very pleased to let you know that I have been offered a training contract with one of my first choice firms! I am absolutely delighted with this offer. The feedback I received was all positive. They commented on how I answered their questions with confidence and accuracy, which was definitely helped by practicing with you and the answers you sent me.

Ruby, Surrey

I’d like to thank Judith for her time interview coaching me. I found it really helpful, especially the notes she provides afterwards. I’ve now got a new job which is much more in line with what I want to be doing. The coaching was invaluable. I would certainly recommend Judith to anyone seeking a new role or guidance on interviews.

Amanda, Surrey

There was a job I really wanted and Judith was recommended to me for interview coaching. Even though she’s in the UK and I’m in Australia, we managed it by Skype. She helped me prepare for the initial interview and think about what questions I would be asked. I had another session with her to get ready for the final stage interview and have just got the job offer. The coaching definitely made a difference.

Jose, Australia

After 4 years in the same role, I was ready for a change and started job hunting. I struggled with applying for jobs and my nerves tampered with my interview performance. Judith addressed all my concerns and gave me a strong insight into my strengths and weaknesses when interviewing. Her coaching was incredibly beneficial as I was applying in a different sector to my previous professional experience. She taught me how to use my current experience and make it relevant for the role I was applying for.  I felt much more confident in the real interviews and quickly secured an exciting new role.

Annabelle, London

I would really recommend Judith for help with job search.  She helped me put together a CV to apply for a job and I got an interview.  She then coached me to prepare for the interview and I did well and got the job offer!  It was definitely worth getting her support.

Caroline, Hampshire

I had interview coaching with Judith by Skype to prepare for a role I really wanted. It made a huge difference to my nerves – which were a big problem initially. I actually felt confident in the real interview and performed well. I also knew exactly what to say because all the questions we had practised came up. I’ve just been asked back to a final interview with one other candidate and hope to be offered the job.

Judith, London

As a recent graduate applying for highly competitive training contracts in the City, I felt it was worth investing in some interview coaching to get prepared for an assessment day. I spent 2 hours with Judith and we went through a thorough process of a mock interview tailored to a specific interview I had coming up, followed by feedback on how I came across and discussion of how I could make some of my answers stronger. She provided a stack of useful notes and I felt more confident in the actual interview as a result.

James, Horsley

I would like to say a big thank you to Judith for taking the time to help me gain confidence and fluidity in interviews. The coaching was hugely beneficial. Following the preparation session I went through a very competitive assessment process for the job I wanted, including 3 interviews, before being offered the role which I gladly accepted.

Anthony, Woking

Judith was easy to talk to and quickly put my mind at ease about the interview process. She really helped to build my confidence through doing a mock interview and proving me with feedback about aspects that I did well on and those that I could improve. I would definitely recommend her.

Gemma, Addlestone

I had a session with Judith to prepare for an interview. I particularly wanted guidance on how to respond well to competency based questions. We went through a list of questions and she helped me devise strong answers for each one. I then felt more confident about what to say in the interview. I was offered the job shortly afterwards so it was well worth spending the time with Judith.

Aga, Woking