What help might an employer need with policies?

Have you got the policies you need?

All employers, even small ones, need certain employment or HR policies to enable them to manage staff and comply with employment legislation.  Do you know what you should have and are you confident that you have them?  I can review your policies for you and point out any that are missing.  I can draft policies for you, tailored to your organisation, if any more are needed.

Are your policies up-to-date?

Changes to employment legislation come out twice a year, in April and October, so you need to keep your policies under review to ensure they are compliant.  I can review your policies and amend them if needed.

Is there a need for a new policy?

Something may happen at your organisation which makes you realise you need a policy to deal with it.  Many organisations don’t have a policy on social media until an employee posts something inappropriate on Facebook or You Tube.  I can draft a policy for you on a specific topic and tailor it to your organisation.

Coaching for policy writers

If you are going to make an employee responsible for reviewing and updating HR policies, I can give them coaching on how to do that. HR consultant Guildford Surrey

What policies are needed if you are just a small employer with a few staff?