There is no charge for an initial phone conversation to discuss the sort of help you need and to decide if you would like to work with me.

Time is charged in blocks of 5 minutes, so you only pay for the time which is actually used. We can agree a budget in advance, so you remain in control of the costs.

There is no VAT to pay on top of the hourly rate.

Support for individuals with job search:

This includes CV development, application writing, interview coaching and career coaching.

£80 per hour for weekdays 9am – 6pm

£100 per hour for evenings (after 6pm), Saturdays and bank holidays

Please note that I don’t work on Sundays.

Cancellations at less than 24 hours’ notice will still be charged as it is then too late to reallocate the time to another client.

Support for corporate clients:

This includes advice over the phone or by email, drafting documents such as contracts, policies or letters, recruitment, project work and attending meetings.

£104 per hour for weekdays 9am – 6pm

£120 per hour for evenings (after 6pm) and Saturdays

45p per mile to travel to your offices for on-site meetings

Wondering whether it’s worth paying for support with job search?

I got the job, which was on a higher salary, so the money I spent on support from Judith was a good investment.   [Ben, Guildford]

After several unsuccessful interviews when I knew I’d been right for the job, I had a coaching session with Judith. This showed where I’d been going wrong. I put her feedback into action and got an offer at the very next interview. Her help undoubtedly was the difference. I then phoned her to get support on negotiating the salary, which was a little lower than I’d hoped. I used her techniques and secured a £20k increase. I would definitely say that paying for external help is worth the money.  [Aziz, London]

I have just been offered a job and I am ecstatic! I know that I couldn’t have done it without Judith’s support. So in terms of investment, if you are hesitating and thinking ‘am I worth it’? the answer is ‘yes, you are’ – go for it!  [Amanda, Hampshire]

I started looking for a new job with a CV I’d written myself, but surprisingly got little response. I found Judith online and asked her to review it for me. She highlighted a few concerns, rewrote it and the interviews started coming in thick and fast. It was definitely worth investing in professional support as it made such a difference.  [Jemma, Cranleigh]

I would highly recommend Judith – she is worth every penny.  [Peter, Australia]

Judith is so kind and supportive. She is a delight to work with. I couldn’t decide which service to go for and changed my mind a couple of times in regards to what I wanted in the coaching session, but Judith was so flexible and helpful and managed to work around her schedule to book me in, even though my request was very last minute. If you are still unsure whether the coaching is worth it or not, look no further and give Judith a call. [Angie, Bristol]