Why would I need help with CVs and job applications?

Not getting lost in the crowd.  If you haven’t been a recruiting manager you may not realise how many applications come in for every job.  When wading through piles of applications, it’s more difficult to pick out key points if they aren’t presented really clearly.  Your CV or application needs to be easy to read and  show that you meet the criteria for the job.

Layout.  There are lots of different layouts for CVs and some are more effective than others.  When you recruit regularly you quickly recognise the best approach. Leaving enough white space on the page is important, don’t cram too much on.

Common mistakes.  There are common mistakes that many candidates make in what they include on their CV – irrelevant information, personal information which could lead to discrimination, too much detail – and what they forget – sometimes even contact details!

What to include.  Once you’ve been working for 10 years you have masses of skills and experience, but you should still be aiming for a 2 page CV, 3 pages at a push.  You may need advice from an experienced recruiter about how to select what to include.

Tailoring.  You should do a separate CV for each job so you can tailor it to suit.  That means matching the order, priority and wording of the advert and job description and careful selection, from your experience, of the most relevant examples.

Dyslexia.  If you have dyslexia or struggle to express yourself clearly in writing, you may benefit from help putting together a CV or job application so that you present yourself in the best possible way.

Comments from job seekers Judith has helped

Judith redesigned my CV, which captured the attention of a number of leading employers, securing me interviews and job offers.  I also benefited from the interview coaching which Judith provided.  Her professional, strategic approach helped me during the whole process.  I would certainly use her again.

Paul, Portsmouth

I wanted to earn more money, but didn’t really enjoy being a manager, which seemed to be part of most jobs with better pay. Judith searched on various job sites and identified a number of jobs for me to consider. I chose two and she wrote CVs and applications for me, explaining to me why she had presented the information in the way she had. I got interviews for both jobs.

JJ, Guildford

After a struggle with dyslexia, I left school and took a number of different jobs before finally going to university as a mature student and graduating with a History degree – which was an amazing achievement. Judith helped me to streamline my CV and give it a focus, as it was quite varied and did not point towards any one particular type of career. She wrote my first application for me and I got an interview straight away!

Alastair, Guildford

I started looking for a new job with a CV I’d written myself, but surprisingly got little response. I found Judith online and asked her to review it for me. She highlighted a few concerns, rewrote it and the interviews started coming in thick and fast. It was definitely worth investing in professional support as it made such a difference.

Jemma, Cranleigh